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What’s in Our Whipped Shea Butter Pots?

Our Whipped Shea Butter Pots are made of all-natural ingredients that can do wonders for you! Each ingredient is specially chosen to give a luxurious feel while remaining 100% vegan friendly.

So, what is so wonderful about these ingredients? Well, as you may have guessed the main ingredient is shea butter making up 45% of the total recipe. Shea butter has been used as a cosmetic ingredient for centuries. Its high concentration of vitamins and fatty acids make it a great product for smoothing and conditioning skin.

But shea butter isn’t the only magic ingredient, they all play their part. So here’s the quick breakdown of all the ingredients:

Coconut Oil – Super cleansing. Vitamin E. 

Jojoba Oil – Conditioning & moisturising. Vitamin E and B, antioxidants & minerals. 

Shea Butter – Conditioning & luxurious feel. Vitamin A, vitamin E, essential fatty acids & minerals. 

Sweet Almond Oil –  Moisturising. Vitamin A, Vitamin E & essential fatty acids. 

Thistle Oil – Great for all skin types and incredibly high in essential fatty acids.

Vitamin E – This is added as an extra ingredient on top of all the lovely vitamins that occur naturally in all the butters and oils in the recipe. It is an antioxidant that may slow aging that free radicals cause and works especially well in combination with Vitamin C and Zinc!

Zinc Oxide – A mineral powder made of zinc and oxygen. 

  • Natural sunscreen against both UVA and UVB rays 
  • Helps in recovery of burns and damaged tissue 
  • Helps treat acne 
  • Helps new tissue growth and skin healing 
  • Treatment for rashes and irritation 
  • Helps prevent bacterial infection 
  • Anti-aging properties, improves production of collagen 
  • Good for people with red and/or sensitive skin 
  • Doesn’t clog pores 

And that’s it. That’s all we put in our Whipped Shea Butter Pots. There are no chemicals or preservatives. Nothing harmful or bad for you. Only lots of loveliness to make you feel fabulous!


Close up of Whipped shea butter in metal pot